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Bye LaTeX! Hello Typst!

I was lucky enough to be part of the Typst closed-beta, and since my first week of trying it, I migrated fully away from LaTeX.

It features:

  • incremental compilation!
  • live preview!
  • open-source code!
  • almost perfect typesetting!

I bet it isn’t written in Rust.


Oh, wouldn’t you know!

It is.

I’ve been using Typst for everything, including:

  • my problem sheets
  • my resume
  • anything I would otherwise use Word for.

Yep, not only did it replace LaTeX for me, but also Word!

To demonstrate the power of it, I’m sharing my Resume along with its template, which was styled after this website.

Read more about Typst in the Typst Docs!

Download my Resume here.

— Matthew

Psst: I’m looking for a job! I’m based in London but happy with on-site, hybrid, and remote.

My Resume Template


#let resume(
  name: "Name",
  website: (link: "", display: ""),
  phone: "+44 7123 45FAKE",
  email: "",
  github: (username: "username", display: "@username"),
) = {
  set text(font: "Lora", size: 12pt)
  set document(author: name, title: name + " - Resume")

  show link: it => {
    set text(fill: rgb(17, 24, 39), weight: 500)
    underline(offset: 2pt)[#it]

  show heading.where(level: 1): it => {
    line(length: 100%)
    line(length: 100%)

  set list(marker: [--])

  // Name
    set text(size: 22pt, weight: 800)


    dir: ltr,
    spacing: 1em,
    link(, website.display),
    link("mailto:" + email, email),
    link("" + github.username, github.display)


#let experience(
  name: "Experience Name",
  where: "Location",
  date: "Dec 2012 - Present",
) = {
  stack(dir: ltr,
      set text(size: 12pt)
      [*#name,* #where]
      set text(size: 10pt)
      set align(right)
  set text(size: 10pt)


#import "template.typ": *

#show: resume.with(
  name: "Matthew Sanetra",
  website: (
    link: "",
    display: ""
  phone: "[Phone Number]",
  github: (
    username: "matthewsanetra",
    display: "GitHub"

= Education

  name: [Bachelor's, Computer Science],
  where: [University of Oxford],
  date: [Oct 2022 - Paused],
- Computer Science subject representative.
  - Key contact between students and department staff.
  - Ensuring feedback and changes improve outcomes for future students.
- Societies: Rowing, Robotics and Additive Manufacturing, Rocketry.
- Currently paused studies due to familial matters.

  name: [A Levels],
  where: [Hammersmith Academy],
  date: [Sept 2020 - Aug 2022]
- Grades: A\*A\*AB in Computer Science, Maths, Further Maths, Physics.
- Member of the Sixth Form Leadership Team.
  - Began a successful initiative to reform the dress-code and lateness policy.

= Experience

  name: [Sales Associate],
  where: [Oddono's Gelati Italiani],
  date: [July 2022 - Sept 2022]
- Demonstrated the ability to serve customers in the busiest shop on Chiswick High Road (>£2000 daily gross revenue, peak #math.approx£7000).
- Created end-of-day reports, handled cash register accounting, took deliveries, opened and closed shop.
- Loved working with people, gaining valuable experience working in a tight-knit and highly organised team.

= Projects

  name: [Gana],
  where: link("", "thecsw/gana"),
  date: [Nov 2022 - Present]
- Core contributor to a Go generics library
- Used internally (in a limited fashion) at Microsoft.

  name: [Rocket Guidance Computer],
  where: [_in Kerbal Space Program_],
  date: [July 2020 - Present]
- Currently developing a compiler for my own domain-specific language with the Rust programming language, targetting kOS Machine Code.
- Developed rocket guidance that recreates a SpaceX Starship landing.
  - #link("","Video 1"), #link("","Video 2")

  name: [Self-Driving Car],
  where: [_funded by the Mark Evison Foundation_],
  date: [May 2021 - Sept 2021]
- Collaborated in a group of 6.
- Implemented a test harness to allow simulating and testing the Raspberry Pi and the immediate surrounding environment, enabling test-driven development of control algorithms.
- Programmed in Python, utilising OpenCV.

  name: [Racing Boat Autopilot],
  where: [_IET Faraday Challenge Days_],
  date: [May 2017 - July 2017]
- Competition to develop a product to help the Land Rover BAR team win the America's Cup.
- Led a team of 6 to place first in the UK.
- Devised embedded software optimising and balancing speed gain and manual steering ability via sail orientation.