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Hello and welcome to my website! I’m Matthew, and I’m-



… oh right, that’s a friend of mine. He likes to hang around. There are a few of them that you will meet in my blog posts.

I’m a Computer Scientist at Magdalen College, University of Oxford.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website!


In no particular order,

  • Rust, C, Haskell
  • Low-level performance optimisation
  • Rocketry
  • Typography

So basically, he’s boring.



  • For academic enquiries,
  • For encrypted or security sensitive emails,
  • For all other emails,
  • Twitter: @mm_atthew
  • LinkedIn: /in/mattsan
  • Book a chat with me about anything during my “Unoffice hours”
  • Or, if you wish, the mailing address to my pigeonhole is:
    Matthew Sanetra
    Magdalen College
    High Street
    Oxford, England
    OX1 4AU
    I’m only able to check it during term time but it’s available all year round.